Afraid of Flying? Here’s 5 Facts to Dispel Your Fears

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The fear of flying is common. Many people are scared of flying due to various reasons. If you are planning on taking a flight out of state or to a different country, then you need to know certain facts in order to dispel your fear of flying.

5. Older Planes

If you are afraid of flying older planes, then your fear is unfounded because commercial aircraft lasts a long time. Although newer airplanes offer better facilities, it does not mean that they have fewer accidents. Airplanes and jets are able to offer services for over 25 years. They are extremely durable and made to last. Besides, when an airplane gets old, better care is taken and inspection becomes a priority. There are strict measures in place to ensure there is no corrosion.

4. Landing Vs. Takeoff

Anyone that has a fear of flying would be afraid of landing or liftoff, and even both. The takeoff is more crucial as compared to landing. It is during takeoff that the airplane transitions from the ground. However, flyers are scared of landings even though according to the principles of gravity, there should be no fear. The landing lasts seconds and should not bother you.

3. Fear of Turbulence

Even the thought of turbulence might scare many. The jostle of luggage is bound to bring your nerves to a standstill. However, there is nothing to be afraid of because turbulence is not dangerous. The causes of turbulence include mountain ranges, jet streams, and clouds. Turbulence cannot be avoided. Hence, you should just sit and wait. If you want to fly smoothly through turbulence, then you should consider sitting over the wings. The rows closest to the end of the plane face the most turbulence.

2. Fuel Flames

It is highly unlikely for flights to run out of fuel. Hence, one should never worry about fuel flames. Normally, more than 45,000 gallons of fuel is topped off on a 747. The airplane wings store the fuel. There are certain limits that are set and it is vital for airplanes to fly with a sufficient amount of fuel. 

1. Pets on Airplane

If you are traveling with your dog or any other pet, then you can be rest assured that your pet would be taken good care of. Pets are stored away in a comfortable spot. The spot is heated and it is ensured that pets are handled with great care. There is no need to write a note to the staff to take special care of pets because they are already taken care of.

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