Key Google Maps Features That Make Planning Trips Much Easier

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Google Maps is the ultimate app for travelers and those looking to plan a trip. It is easy to use and has a bunch of features that make planning trips a lot easier. There is nothing better than a good map, but Google Maps offers maps for just about everywhere in the world. No matter which part of the United States or the world you might be located in, with Google Maps you can find out where you are and where you want to go.

1. Create Trip Itinerary

A trip itinerary is a visual footprint of what you intend on doing during the trip. With Google Maps, you can easily create a trip itinerary and add places along the trip that you are interested in visiting. It is extremely useful as it lets you see everything in your trip. Thus, you can allocate time to different places realistically.

2. Connects to Other Google Apps

A great thing about Google Maps is that it connects to other Google apps. This seamless connection between apps makes it easy for you to do just about everything. This means that a copy of the customized map is stored by Google Maps and can be accessed on different Google apps such as your Google Drive or on Google Docs. You can store planning information, photos, documents and other information and easily access them on other apps.

3. Provides Additional Location Information

Whenever you visit a new place, it is impossible to know all the coolest and trendiest places, but with Google Maps, you can easily learn about additional location information to decide where you want to go. It shows you the website, address, phone number, reviews and more about a business/ location and you tap on it for it to be added to your customized map.

4. Allows You to Add Extra Details

Google Maps lets you add photos, videos, or notes to your customized maps. This helps ensure that you remember the little details when planning a trip. Add notes on the map because there are certain places or information that might not be available online. You can place these notes on the map, next to places you intend on visiting.   

5. Create a Layer Consisting of Directions

Do you want to travel to different parts of the United States such as Burlington? Then Google Maps allows you to plan your entire route. You can create layers with multiple directions. For instance, if you are interested in biking, then you can easily view the entire trail on Google Maps and add it to your trip.

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