Safest Roads in the US

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The United States is home to some of the best roads in the world. As the country is widely spread out, driving in the United States can be a real treat for driving enthusiasts. If you want to take in the joy of driving in America, then it is recommended that you choose the safest roads. As driving long distances is common, there are plenty of roads in the country. Thus, it can be difficult to decide which road is safe and which isn’t. In this post, only the safest roads in the United States are mentioned. Drive to different parts of the country and experience the true beauty of American nature in all its glory.

1. Maine

The state of Maine boasts some of the safest roads in the country. The interstate highway is of great renown and is the perfect place to take your new ride for a spin. The reason why Maine has become a Mecca for drivers is because of the fact that drivers in the state follow the speed limit and laws in place. Maine is considered to be extremely safe by American standards.

2. Nevada

Nevada is more than just Las Vegas. It has a perfect score of 10 when it comes to driving with seatbelts on. Since Nevada is a huge state, people tend to be on alert when traveling. The accident rate is also low in the state. Driving in Nevada is exciting, especially if you are used to the same terrain and topography.

3. North Dakota

North Dakota is a state that has a lot to offer. If you are a driver, then you will love spending time in this state. The death rate by car accidents is not that high in North Dakota. The highways in the state have been intricately designed which makes driving around fun. Traveling long distances feels effortless in North Dakota. However, a lot still needs to be done when it comes to highway safety in the state.

4. Wisconsin

Wisconsin is constantly evolving and its young population is striving to make the state safe for drivers. With strict laws in place, anyone wanting to drive in Wisconsin will surely have a great time. It can be refreshing to see everyone obeying the traffic rules and regulations. The roads are well-maintained in this Northern state. Besides, the greenery along the roads is breathtaking.

5. Alaska

Federal funding for safe roads is abundant in Alaska. It is something that the state government is truly committed towards. The number of accidents related to driving is considerably low. Thus, the roads in Alaska are relatively safe to drive on. You will never need to fear getting involved in an accident in this state.

6. Minnesota

Minnesota had to be on this list. Its’ highway roads and bridges are some of the best in the United States. Federal funding might not be as huge of a concern as Alaska, but the state knows how to keep the accident fatalities low.

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