Save Your Phone! Top GPS Devices that Mount on Your Dash

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Using your phone is not as good as it sounds out to be. Moreover, when you are out on the road, it is better to put your phone down so that you can enjoy what life has to offer. Besides, if you are on a break, it is vital to keep your phone away because it is time that you disconnected in order to connect with yourself.

1. Arkon Gooseneck

Although the Arkon Gooseneck is quite similar to various suction cup models, it uses a flexible and powerful 8.5 inch neck which lets you move your device in order to get the ideal angle for viewing. It is extremely useful for sports cars and other vehicles that have slanted windshields. Some of the reasons why you should get it include the ability to vibrate a lot, a 2 years warranty, and 360 degrees rotation.

2. Garmin Suction Cup

The Garmin Suction Cup might not be the most adjustable model out there but it is firm and stable. Even if you cruise along rough terrain, you can expect the device to remain attached. It is easy to attach the device to your window. It loses suction over its lifetime. The device can be easily released due to its rubber tab and it is compatible with different devices.

3. 1Zero Quick

Easily install the 1Zero Quick on the windshield or the dashboard. It does not matter where you want to place the device because it can be conveniently placed just about anywhere on your vehicle. A great thing about the device is that it works perfectly with a wide range of devices and has a strong suction cup for anchoring. However, the device is hard to remove and only requires one-hand adjustments.

4. Charger City Hippo Series

The Charger City Hippo Series is the ultimate option when it comes to dealing with cradling issues. All you have to do is stick its base wherever you desire. The spring-loaded jaws should be opened so that your smartphone or just about anything else can be inserted. It ensures that you have a hassle-free experience. In order to open the device, you need to use both hands. Adhesive and friction should be used if you want to stick it. The device is compatible with devices that are of 3 to 6 inches.

5. Apps2Car Holder

Ditch your phone for the Apps2Car Holder. It provides your device with an anchor point that is stable and does not block the view at the same time. It has an easy to access tightening knob. But does not come with a mounting bracket.

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