Tips to Prepare Your Car for Long Road Trips

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Long road trips are the best way to spend the holidays or even the weekends. The thrill of driving somewhere new or familiar is something that one can simply not get enough of. Besides, a road trip can be extremely fun, especially if you do it with your friends. However, a long road trip tests the ability of a vehicle like none other.

1. Check the Electrical Equipment and Lights

The first thing that you need to do is check the electrical equipment and lights of your car. This includes the taillights, headlights and the horn. Make sure to keep a spare bulb for the headlight incase one of the bulbs burns out. Bring the car manual along as well because it will provide you with useful instructions.

2. Replace the Old and Worn-Out Wipers

The windshield wipers should be replaced if they are worn-out and old. Visibility is crucial to driving safely. If the windshield wipers are not old, then you should at least have them cleaned properly. Replace the rubber refills of your wipers. They do not cost a lot and can be bought from the local department store.

3. Check to Ensure that the Air Conditioning and Heating System Works

Make sure to test your air conditioning and heating system. The reason why an air-conditioner is vital is because it gets rid of any humidity in the car. The windshield would start to fog up if your air-conditioner is not working. If your air-conditioner is not working, then you should have it checked and repaired before the long road trip. This is especially important if you plan on hitting the road during summer and in Arizona or the South of all places.

4. The Tire Pressure

The tire pressure has to be checked to ensure that it is within specs. The tire pressure sticker would indicate the right amount of pressured required. It can also be found in the manual. Check the tire to see if there are any leaks.

5. Ensure the Tires Are In Good Shapes

The tires are responsible for most of the heavy lifting.  Check to make sure that the tires are in good shape. If a tire has been worn beyond the safe limit, then it should be changed.

6. Check the Engine Drive Belt

It is crucial for the engine drive belt to be in good condition. Normally, cars have one or two belts. The belt starts to wear out over time. The car would need to be towed if the belt breaks. When you head over to a mechanic for an oil change, make sure he or she also checks the belt.

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