Waze – Better Than Google Maps?

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Waze is a popular smartphone navigation app that is giving Google Maps a hard time. It is quite similar to Google Maps but offers certain unique features. If you are wondering whether you should use Waze or Google Maps, then this post is just for you. There are considerable differences between both of these apps even though they are owned by the same group. At the end of the day, it depends on what you are looking for.

Destination Searching

One of the key features on Waze and Google Maps is destination searching. When it comes to destination searching, Waze still has a long way to go because the search tends to be unreliable and somewhat buggy. Many times, users encounter zero results for addresses that exist. The app also shows places that have a similar search string but are much further. On the other hand, Google Maps offers the best destination searching out there. Even with a partial address, a correct search result would appear. You would not encounter “encounter” as you normally would on Waze. However, if there are stops on the way, then both Google Maps and Waze would show them in the planned route.  

Traffic, Navigation and Route

Waze is extremely useful, but when it comes to the need to split or exit, Google Maps is able to suggest the right lane on the go. It does this by letting you know which lane to get into in advance. Waze on the other hand does not have access to database which had such information and thus is not able to recommend lanes. But on Waze, users of the app are the ones that reliably and easily report information related to the traffic. Hence, you can navigate easily on both apps. You can expect to get to different locations a few minutes apart on both apps.

User Interface and Voice Prompts

The user interface on Google Maps tends to be more customizable and it offers various options for satellite and map views. Waze only offers a friendlier interface that is cartoony in front of Google Maps. Both apps can be relied upon for navigation at the end of the day. Voice prompts are not as efficient on Waze and audio playback is interrupted on the app for voice navigation. Google Maps will ensure that you get the job done as it lowers its volume. Therefore, it tends to be less disruptive.

Data Usage

Finally, the last aspect that needs to be compared between Waze and Google Maps is regarding data usage. When it comes to data usage, both apps use minimal data that it makes no difference. GPS navigation is possible without even a data connection.

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